April 25 at Dubaï

Under the Patronage of Commission Nationale française pour l’UNESCO

The Arab World Tour stopped in Dubai following a visit to the Louvre. During this step, Thierry Rayer, President of the Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer, and Chrystelle Vidamment, Director of Fine Arts Advisory, presented the conference titled “Universae Analysis” at the Alliance Française Dubaï. They conducted two sessions – one in the morning for young people and the other for adults from various fields such as economics, culture, art, and media.

 The conference showcased the “Universal Analysis” methodology, which was exemplified by the works of art created by sculptor Constantin Brancusi,
specifically, “Le Baiser de 1905,” which is widely considered the world’s first work of modern art and led to a change in how works of art are valued.
At the end of the Conference, Mr. Hussain Al Jaziri, President of the Alliance Française de Dubaï and Honorary President of the CCI France-UAE was awarded with the Etoile Civique Medal for having promoted French culture, language and the values they convey.

According to the President Mr. Al Jaziri 
“This conference is a rare and precious opportunity to discover how works of art can transcend cultural and linguistic barriers and unite us as human beings; together with the Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer,
we will continue to develop our cultural cooperation.”

The young participants received the Inspirante magazine, an initiative of the same name promoting women’s success stories and partner of the Arab World Tour.