Arab World Tour

Under the Patronage of the United Arab Emirates

Brancusi, Le Baiser de 1905

Presented at Dubaï from April 24 to April 27

About the Tour

The Arab World Tour organized by the Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer, aims to present and promote the universality of culture to encourage world unity around common values; to raise awareness of the importance of the Right to Happiness through access to culture. With the Tour, we reaffirm to the youth that intercultural dialogue is the best guarantee for peace and that cultural diversity represents a common heritage of Humanity. The Arab World Tour through Education is the promoter of universality based on the common origin of the diversity of cultures

Through the Tour, the Youth for whom this initiative is intended is encouraged to be civic-minded and to discover art and culture as a vehicle for peace and, thus, reconciliation between peoples.

This Tour was officially launched on 28th October 2022 with the Day of the Culture and the Civism under the patronage of the “Commission nationale française de l’UNESCO”.  

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What you will Discover

Universae Analysis

The Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer will present Universae Analysis, « The Method of Analysis and Interpretation of Works of Art ».

This discovery which allows decrypting the art and architecture of the whole world, demonstrates that there is only one common origin to all the cultures of Humanity: a vector of peace between peoples around art, culture, and the transmission of the Knowledge of the world’s cultural heritage to the youth and the whole society.


The Tour started in Paris and will continue in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, to end in Egypt. It is addressed to the world of art and culture and even the whole world.

You will no longer see art in the same way

This Tour will be the subject of conferences illustrated by works of art created by Constantin Brancusi, including the sculpture « Le Baiser de 1905 », the first work of modern art in the world, and a key work of the Universae Analysis discovery. By using virtual reality, Thierry Rayer will show you and make you understand art as you’ve never seen before.

The Arab World Tour, of which the Transmission will be one of the essential parts, will also allow the meeting, the exchange, and the sharing between the children from different origins and nationalities who are beneficiaries of the Secours Populaire français and the children of Egyptian, Emirati, Qatari, Saudi or Kuwaiti nationality.

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The revelation of Universae Analysis will transform the art market.

The tour, therefore, has cultural, historical, strategic, and geopolitical stakes. Yet, even if this discovery concerns us all as world citizens, the conferences will take place in the presence of the high personalities of the Arab world, these personalities being those who have invested the most in the fields
of art and culture these last 20 years.

If you are a company, a national or international organization, and want to participate in the tour or sponsor it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Nowadays, no one has concluded anything great;

it is up to me to give the Example”

Napoleon Bonaparte

They trust us!


Universæ Analysis
in Saudi Arabia

Universæ Analysis
in Egypt

Conference for Youth

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